Media Musings II

As the primary subject of the National Public Radio interview (originally aired on “All Things Considered” on March 18) I have to say they did a fantastic presentation in a short amount of time. It accurately depicts counseling with an Amish clientele. Unfortunately the story also took a minimum of nine hours of recorded interviews with six individuals and made what has been a team effort from the first sound like an individual’s efforts. We agreed to the interviews to spotlight the Vision Project; and in that regard, our emphasis and the emphasis of NPR, we learned after the fact, were at odds.

There are so many, many people who have made the Vision Project what it is today; Norm Kauffmann, (retired) Town Manager of Shipshewana, Indiana; my late wife, Linda Graham; Chris Weber (who did receive peripheral mention); Shirley Carey (who continues to be a foundation of our work); Mim Smith, who works with our Amish women and female adolescents; and so many, many others who support us. The Amish prefer that we not call them out by name; but as I write, I think of so many who patiently live with our foibles, our lack of understanding, our missteps as we work with them, and believe in us and our fumbling efforts to help. They are the true foundation of the Vision Project. To all of you — thank you.

Jim Cates

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